Detoxifying soap with activated vegetable charcoal and essential oils of rosemary and lemony litsea

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Ideal for the face, skin prone to acne or that of smokers, this all-natural soap helps regulate excess sebum. *Activated vegetable charcoal, ultra absorbent and purifying, captures toxins from the skin. Can be used as a make-up remover.

This soap is fragrant with rosemary and lemony litsea essential oils. It is colored with charcoal.

Del Sol soaps are handmade in small quantities with natural ingredients. Made from vegetable oils and butters, they do not contain palm oil. They are moisturizing, last a long time and lather abundantly! Their minimalist packaging is made of 100% recycled and recyclable paper.

*Activated vegetable charcoal owes its properties to its incredible adsorption capacity due to its extremely porous surface.
Adsorbent and powerful detoxifier, it captures pollutants and toxins that accumulate in the skin: environmental pollutants, chemical residues from cosmetics, but also toxins excreted by the skin. Purifying, it cleanses the skin and adsorbs the bacteria responsible for certain infections. Indications: skins subjected to pollution or stress, skins of smokers, acne, cutaneous infections.


Data sheet

100 grams
Olive oil, coconut oil, rapeseed oil, water, sodium hydroxide, activated charcoal, rosemary and lemony litsea essential oils.