Shea butter - 15g


100% pure shea butter.  This African vegetable butter is famous for its protective, restorative and moisturizing properties. It helps preserve the epidermis elasticity, protects and relieves cracks and itching caused by dryness or insect bites. Can be used as sunscreen (SPF 15), lip balm, moisturizer, healing balm, etc.

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Shea is a tree revered for millennia in West Africa. It is also called "tree of life". The nuts contained in its fruits are used to make a vegetable butter known for its cosmetic properties. The shea butter is made by women, working in cooperatives. This work helps women to improve their life quality, while promoting local products and fighting poverty in rural areas.

Nourishing, regenerating cells, natural UV protector, moisturizing and repairing (skin and hair), anti-inflammatory, firming, softening, healing, rich in anti-oxidants, naturally contains latex and vitamins A, D, E and F.

Moisturizer (skin and hair), anti-wrinkle cream, lip balm, protect from the cold, hair balm, soften and firm the skin, soothe irritated skin (aftershave, nose irritated by colds), sunscreen (SPF 15 ), healing balm (burns and wounds), treat chapped skin, cracks, psoriasis, eczema, acne and mycoses, massage (relax muscles), prevent stretch marks.

Tous types de peau, peaux irritées et agressées, soin des peaux exposées aux conditions climatiques extrêmes, soin des mains des travailleurs exposés aux produits chimiques, cheveux secs, cassants, fourchus, crépus ou colorés, lèvres et zones sèches du visage et du corps.

Le beurre de karité 100% pur se conserve naturellement, il ne rancit pas. S’il est entreposé au sec, au frais et à l’abris de la lumière, il peut se conserver durant 3 ans.


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