Testimonials from our customers

"I really like your soaps and my daughter love them too. They smell so good and they do not dry the skin." - Chantal from Pohénégamook

"Your Melaleuca (tea tree) soap works really well! Since I'm using it, my skin problems have decreased by about 50%!! Much more effective than the drugs I had been taking for two years without any results. My girlfriend is really satisfied too. We want to order more of your soaps. Thanks again and long life to your business!" - Antoine from Quebec City

"You have a real soapmaker talent because in addition to being beautiful, your soaps last a long time and they foam a lot. I often offer them to my family and friends and they just love them!" - Annie from Saint-Athanase

"I really like your soaps. Generally, I am disappointed by the handmade soaps because they foam little, but yours foam a lot! You have great products, keep up the good work! " - Jacques from Varennes

soap supply has been emptied quickly, but not because they melt quickly; it's amazing to see how they do not melt fast! It's rather because I gave a lot of them to my friends... It's a great gift to offer! Congratulations from your wonderful products!" - Annie from Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly

"My daughter and I love your soaps. When I'm on tour, I always bring some with me! Since I use your soaps, the skin of my face is looking better and my psoriasis is well controlled. I only buy your soap since I know them. Never another soap has entered my house! Long live to Creations Del Sol!" - Isabelle from Saint-Clément

"I love your soaps! I now live in Quebec but each time I visit my parents in Temiscouata, I make a stop at Amarante to buy many of your soaps! Thank you for these extraordinary soaps!" - Johanne from L'ancienne-Lorette